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Ducky Bhai Responds on Joining Politics and MQM after Meeting Kamran Khan Tessori

Famous Pakistani YouTuber Ducky Bhai has made a big revelation and responded to the fake and false news spreading “Ducky Bhai Has Joined Politics” and Ducky Bhai joins MQM

Ducky Bhai Says He Didn’t Joined MQM 

Ducky Bhai have completely denied and told that I have not joined any kind of politics. The video which went viral with Kamran Khan Tessori in which he was standing with MQM’s (Muttahida Qaumi Movement) Politician and Currently the governor of Sindh and was of a media press talk, then people started spreading this news which was fake that Ducky Bhai had joined MQM but now Ducky Bhai’s response has come which clarifies that he have not joined any kind of politics.

ducky bhai joined politics

Ducky Bhai Response On Joining Politics

Ducky Bhai posted a video on his Instagram handle and in which he clarified and clearly said that He did not join politics. Further in this video Ducky Bhai said that “you have spread fake news” pointing those Instagram handles and Twitter accounts. 

Ducky Bhai Got Death Threats

He Further said that there are big magazines that spread the news, they got many views, but because of this news, Ducky Bhai and his family suffered a lot. There is a lot of truth, which is a very important that YouTuber revealed. He got death threats when people found out that he had joined politics but it was fake news as Ducky Bhai has now clearly debunked it.

Pakistan’s Top YouTuber To Stay Focused on YouTube 

Ducky Bhai added that let me say one thing very clearly that I have been a YouTuber for the past seven years and now I will continue to be a YouTuber for next 10 years or 15 years by making videos. And I will not interfere any process in politics

Ducky Bhai with Kamran Khan Tessori

Now many people have thought that why did Ducky Bhai met Kamran Khan Tessori, who is the Sindh Governor, He clarified it and said in the same video that Why He meets politicians is because they call Him with respect and show love, from the moment I accept their offer and do a meeting that happens is just as easy as that. I accept this thing as a guest, I go there, I don’t want to join politics.

ducky bhai joined politics

Has Ducky Bhai Joined MQM ?

So Now it must be clear to viewers and Saad ur Rehman Fans that He has’nt joined MQM and is not going to enter into any kind of politics. As The Elections 2024 in Pakistan are coming close, many People will be trying to Spread Fake News for the sake of Views and Money. But one must know that it can Damage someone’s reputition and also can give them harm.

As Ducky Bhai cleared in the Video Message, that His Family got Death Threats and this means Ducky Bhai’s Wife Aroob Jatoi also got Death Threats as She is also very Famous and has over Million Followers on Instagram.

Ducky Bhai’s Request To His Fans

In the end, Ducky Bhai made a request to his viewers that if you find any such fake news on which people are saying that He(Saad ur Rehman) has joined politics, any such magazine, then Comment below the post that it is a fake news and we, the News Gemz, article you are currently reading, want to clarify that we want you guys to share and spread this real news. Let’s See if we Reach Ducky Bhai’s Phone !! 

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ducky bhai and fukra insaan deleted pic whole story
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