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Sreesanth vs Gautam Gambhir Fight | Sreesanth Claims Gambhir Called Him Fixer & Gambhir Replies 

Know about the fight between Sreesanth and Gautam Gambhir who were both Indian professional former cricketers and how Sreesanth used the internet to convey the message to people through his social media that Gautam Gambhir called him a “Fixer” and Gautam Gambhir’s response to “Gautam gambhir vs Sreesanth” will also be told to you.

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  • Sreesanth and Gambhir Playing Legends League Cricket
  • Sreesanth First Video Straight After The Match 
  • Sreesanth Claims Gambhir Called Him Fixer
  • Sreesanth’s wife Response
  • Gambhir Replies to Sreesanth Claims
  • Public RESPONSE
  • Indian Former Cricketers Unfortunate Incident
Gautam Gambhir & Sreesanth Playing LLC 2023

Sreesanth and Gambhir Playing Legends League Cricket 

These two cricketers who are currently retired S. Sreesanth and Gambhir are seen playing Legends Leagues Cricket known as LLC and they had an eliminator match in the 2023 edition where It was a Gujarat Giants vs India Capitals match and the captain of India Capitals was Gautam Gambhir.

Team India Capitals were batting first in which Gautam Gambhir came as an opener and Sreesanth, who is a fast bowler, was bowling, then Gautam Kabir also hit Sreesanth for a six, but after that when the match was going on. There was a fight between the two of them, the Video of their fight got viral, it can be seen that there was an argument between the two players .

Sreesanth Telling what happened between him and Gambhir

Sreesanth First Video Straight After The Match 

Sreesanth’s team which was Gujarat Titans was defeated by Indian Capitals i.e. Gautam Gambhir’s team and the match was Eliminator and soon after this Sreesanth went live on his Instagram and gave a glimpse of their clash before telling the whole incident. First of all, he said that Gambhir called me with some words that I will mention later and he called me with some words live on the cricket field. which is unacceptable .

He also called Gautam Gambhir as Mr. Fighter and said that he does not know how to talk and he treats his former teammates very badly. He Don’t even Respect Senior Indian Players

Sreesanth claims Gautam Called him a Match Fixer – Gautam Gambhir vs Sreesanth

Sreesanth Claims Gambhir Called Him Fixer

This incident, happened on December 6th, one day after that on Thursday, December 7th, Sreesanth posted another video on his Instagram and in that He revealed, What Gautam Gambhir said to him on the pitch. Sreesanth Claims Gambhir Called Him a fixer, you are a fixer. According to Sreesanth Gambhir Also Him . Further in the Video He said that I didn’t say a word to Him except that I kept smiling and took it in a sarcastic way. Sreesanth also Told People to support Him because Gautam is very big person, I am a normal person. 

Sreesanth’s Wife Response on this Event

Sreesanth’s wife Response

Sree Santh’s wife also responded to the same incident and said that it is very shocking that such an incident has happened to an Indian former fast bowler and She also spoked about the upbringing that Gautam Gambhir had. What kind of background they come from and what family background they come from and this fight is very shocking to me. Even though these two players have retired, it is very unfortunate that such incidents happen between these players. 

Gambhir Replies to Sreesanth Claims

Gautam Gambhir, who is the main character of this entire incident, responded with One Line Tweet on his Twitter. That Sreesanth is only talking about this Incident to get attention ,He Said “Smile when the World is all about attention”. He Believes Sree Santh only wants some Fame. This is how Gautam Gambhir posted a picture of himself laughing and replied with this tweet.

Gautam Gambhir Tweets His Reply to Sreesanth

Sreesanth Comment Under Gambhir’s Instagram Response Post

Former Indian Fast Bowler Didn’t Sat Down Quietly After Posting Videos on His Official Instagram but Also Commented Down Gautam Gambhir’s Instagram Response Post which reads same as what His Tweet Does as Discussed above. S. Sreesanth Said while commenting under Gautam’s IG post :”You have exceeded the boundaries of a sportsman and a brother, and above all, you represent the people.”

Sreesanth Full Comment


After this incident, the people who were in the Internet world gave their reaction in such a way that people took each sides, on one side were those who supported Sreesanth and on the other side were those who supported Gautam Gambhir . Some stood neutral saying that these two were fighting and it’s Amazing How Ms. Dhoni managed to captain a team having players like these and kept the players together.

On the Other hand, some guy also commented that Sreesanth doesn’t like the truth what Gambhir said is a true thing that Sreesanth is a Fixer.

A person Comments on this Fight

Indian Former Cricketers Unfortunate Incident

In the world of cricket, such incidents keep occurring and this is the world of sports, it should treat it as a game, and the fights that happen should not be exaggerated, but looking at this incident, it is seen that they had an old clash between these two players that even in this age they fought. What Are Your Opinion you have to tell about it in the comments down .

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