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How To Watch Cricket World Cup 2023 Live on Mobile in Pakistan | Watch Live Matches of ICC World Cup 2023 for Free


The ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 is just around the corner, and cricket enthusiasts in Pakistan are eagerly looking forward to this grand event. Scheduled between October 5, 2023, and November 19, 2023, this 13th edition of the Men’s Cricket World Cup is a much-anticipated sporting Thriller. What’s even more exciting is that this time, India will be the sole host for the entire tournament.

If you’re in Pakistan and want to catch all the action live on your mobile device, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll guide you on how to watch the ICC World Cup 2023 Live matches on your mobile for free. From live streaming platforms to the tournament schedule, we’ve got you covered.

Photo Credits : BCCI & PCB

Watch Live Matches on Your Mobile: The Options

Here are the top options for cricket fans in Pakistan to watch the ICC World Cup 2023 live on their mobile devices:

1. A Sports

  • Official Broadcaster: A Sports will be broadcasting the ICC World Cup 2023 live in Pakistan.

2. ARY Zap

  • Official Live-Streaming Partner: ARY Zap is the official live-streaming partner for the tournament.
  • Accessibility: The ARY Zap app can be downloaded for free on mobile devices, giving you easy access to all the live matches

3. PTV Sports

Official Broadcaster: PTV Sports is another official broadcaster for the ICC World Cup 2023 in Pakistan.

4. Daraz

  • Live Streaming: Daraz will be streaming the live matches of the World Cup 2023.
  • Accessibility: You can download the Daraz online shopping app for free on your mobile device to enjoy live cricket action.

5. Tamasha App

Entertaining and Thrilling Matches: Tamasha App offers viewers an opportunity to watch entertaining and thrilling matches for free on mobile.


Now, let’s take a look at the schedule for the ICC World Cup 2023 matches:

Group Stage Matches

  • October 5, Thu: England vs New Zealand, 1st Match
  • October 6, Fri: Pakistan vs Netherlands, 2nd Match
  • October 7, Sat: Bangladesh vs Afghanistan, 3rd Match
    • South Africa vs Sri Lanka, 4th Match
  • October 8, Sun: India vs Australia, 5th Match
  • October 9, Mon: New Zealand vs Netherlands, 6th Match
  • October 10, Tue: England vs Bangladesh, 7th Match
    • Pakistan vs Sri Lanka, 8th Match
  • October 11, Wed: India vs Afghanistan, 9th Match
  • October 12, Thu: Australia vs South Africa, 10th Match
  • October 13, Fri: New Zealand vs Bangladesh, 11th Match
  • October 14, Sat: India vs Pakistan, 12th Match
  • October 15, Sun: England vs Afghanistan, 13th Match
    • Australia vs Sri Lanka, 14th Match
  • October 17, Tue: South Africa vs Netherlands, 15th Match
  • October 18, Wed: New Zealand vs Afghanistan, 16th Match
  • October 19, Thu: India vs Bangladesh, 17th Match
  • October 20, Fri: Australia vs Pakistan, 18th Match
    • Netherlands vs Sri Lanka, 19th Match
  • October 21, Sat: England vs South Africa, 20th Match
  • October 22, Sun: India vs New Zealand, 21st Match
  • October 23, Mon: Pakistan vs Afghanistan, 22nd Match
  • October 24, Tue: South Africa vs Bangladesh, 23rd Match
  • October 25, Wed: Australia vs Netherlands, 24th Match
  • October 26, Thu: England vs Sri Lanka, 25th Match
  • October 27, Fri: Pakistan vs South Africa, 26th Match
  • October 28, Sat: Australia vs New Zealand, 27th Match
    • Netherlands vs Bangladesh, 28th Match
  • October 29, Sun: India vs England, 29th Match
  • October 30, Mon: Afghanistan vs Sri Lanka, 30th Match
  • October 31, Tue: Pakistan vs Bangladesh, 31st Match
  • November 01, Wed: New Zealand vs South Africa, 32nd Match
  • November 02, Thu: India vs Sri Lanka, 33rd Match
  • November 03, Fri: Netherlands vs Afghanistan, 34th Match
  • November 04, Sat: New Zealand vs Pakistan, 35th Match
    • England vs Australia, 36th Match
  • November 05, Sun: India vs South Africa, 37th Match
  • November 06, Mon: Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka, 38th Match
  • November 07, Tue: Australia vs Afghanistan, 39th Match
  • November 08, Wed: England vs Netherlands, 40th Match
  • November 09, Thu: New Zealand vs Sri Lanka, 41st Match
  • November 10, Fri: South Africa vs Afghanistan, 42nd Match
  • November 11, Sat: Australia vs Bangladesh, 43rd Match
    • England vs Pakistan, 44th Match
  • November 12, Sun: India vs Netherlands, 45th Match

Semi-Finals and Final

  • November 15, Wed: 1st Semi-Final (1st vs 4th)
  • November 16, Thu: 2nd Semi-Final (2nd vs 3rd)
  • November 19, Sun: Final

Final Comments

With the ICC World Cup 2023 about to unfold, cricket enthusiasts in Pakistan have multiple options to catch the live action on their mobile devices. Whether you prefer the official broadcasters like A Sports and PTV Sports or the convenience of live-streaming apps like ARY Zap, Daraz, or Tamasha, you won’t miss a moment of the cricketing show.

Make sure to mark your calendar with the schedule of the matches so you don’t miss out on the thrilling encounters that await in this esteemed tournament. It’s time to gear up and support your favorite teams as they compete for cricketing glory in the ICC World Cup 2023!

So That Was How To Watch ICC World Cup 2023 in Pakistan on Mobile for Free !

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