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Russell Brand Denies Serious Allegations Amidst Media Storm: What You Need to Know


Russell Brand, the renowned comedian, actor, and social commentator, has found himself at the center of a media storm, as he faces a litany of allegations, including what he has termed “very, very serious criminal allegations.” In this article, we delve into the details of this unfolding story, Brand’s response, and the wider implications it carries.

The Accusations Unveiled:

In recent days, two prominent media sources, including Channel 4 and a mainstream newspaper, have unleashed a barrage of accusations against Russell Brand. These allegations span a spectrum, ranging from harsh personal attacks to demands for the cancellation of his community festival. However, what has sent shockwaves is the presence of “very, very serious criminal allegations” among these claims.

Brand’s Response:

In a YouTube video released in response to the allegations, Russell Brand made his stance clear. He stated, “Hello there, you awakening wonders. Now this isn’t the usual type of video we make on this channel where we critique, attack and undermine the news in all its corruption. Because in this story, I am the news.”

Brand went on to describe the disturbing letters he received from the mainstream media TV company and the newspaper. He expressed his disbelief at the accusations, particularly the criminal ones, which he firmly denied. According to Brand, these allegations are related to his past, during the time when he was a prominent figure in the mainstream media, in movies, and a self-proclaimed promiscuous individual.

Consensual Conduct:

The heart of Brand’s defense lies in the assertion that all his relationships during his promiscuous phase were consensual. He emphasized that he was always transparent about this aspect of his life, both then and now. He raised questions about whether there might be an ulterior agenda at play, especially when considering past coordinated media attacks on figures who challenge mainstream narratives.

Credit : Russel Brand YT Channel

Media Attacks and Coordinated Efforts:

Brand referenced past instances where prominent figures like Joe Rogan faced a barrage of media attacks for taking positions outside the mainstream narrative. He pointed out that the language used in these attacks often seemed coordinated across various media outlets.

He acknowledged that his audience had warned him about such attacks, with comments like “Watch out, Russell. They’re coming for you.” He also mentioned previous attempts to label him a conspiracy theorist and right-wing figure, indicating that these were part of a broader agenda to control certain voices and spaces.

Witnesses and Contradictions:

Brand further emphasized that there are witnesses whose accounts directly contradict the narratives presented by the two mainstream media outlets involved in this situation. This, to him, raises suspicions of a coordinated attack aimed at discrediting him.


In closing, Russell Brand expressed his commitment to addressing this matter thoroughly, given the gravity of the allegations. He urged his audience to stay vigilant and, most importantly, to stay free.

Elon Musk’s Reaction:

Twitter AKA X Owner Reacts

Adding to the intrigue surrounding this situation, Elon Musk, the Tesla and SpaceX billionaire, shared his thoughts on Twitter.He said :”Of course. They don’t like competition”. You can read Musk’s reaction here.

Russell Brand’s Tweet:

This is happening – Russel on X

Russell Brand himself took to Twitter to share his video and thoughts on the matter. You can find his tweet here.

Watch Russell Brand’s Video:

To hear Russell Brand’s full statement in his own words, watch his YouTube video here.

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