Cristiano Ronaldo Won Fan’s Player of the Year and Middle East Best Player Award at Dubai Globe Awards 2024 and in his Winning speech He Made Many Statements that includes

  • 1. Is Ronaldo Enjoying in Al Nassr?
  • 2. Ronaldo On His Retirement
  • 3. Ronaldo Reply To Haters
  • 4. Ronaldo Replied to Arrogant Claims
  • 5. Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. in the eyes of His Dad

Cristiano Ronaldo Enjoying in Al Nassr

Ronaldo says that he is very happy that he Joined Al Nassr team and His Decision was not a wrong decision

“I am really happy to move to Al Nassr and play in Saudi Arabia.”

Did Ronaldo Retired?

Many Viewers were curious that “Has Ronaldo Retired from Football?”. Cristiano Ronaldo Has Given The Answer , Ronaldo Says that He Will Retire Soon and also joked that he will take 10 more years for retirement 

Ronaldo on his retirement – “I will finish soon, the soon I mean 10 years more, but naaah, joking …” 


Ronaldo Replied To Haters

Cristiano Ronaldo always makes his claim very obvious and tells in clear words what he thinks on any topic. Like Commenting and Showing Support To Posts Regarding Messi Not Deserving Ballon D’or 2023.

Ronaldo on Messi Ballon d’Or

Ronaldo on Arrogant Claims

In His Speech at Globe Soccer Awards after winning Middle East Player of the Year Award he says that he is not Arrogant and also Claims Saudi Arabia Deserves His Passion.

“I am not arrogant, but the future is changing and the whole world is changing, and I decided to give my passion to this country. Saudi Arabia is a wonderful country and truly deserves it” 

“I do not regret my decision to move to Saudi Arabia.”

Ronaldo Jr. in the eyes of His Dad

Cristiano Ronaldo also commented on his Kid Cristiano Jr.’s Football Levels and thinks that Junior has good talent and also jocked that He needs to be Teached on few things

“Cristiano Junior has good talent, but I still need to teach him a few things (laughs). He can get better. He’s on the right track and it makes me happy.”

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